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Your clients are moving to digital.

Are you moving with them?

Transform Your Financial Planning Experience

PYLO is an application designed for financial institutions to provide a digital financial planning experience to their customers. Offering an intuitive customer-led journey that empowers users to make informed decisions. 


A Product with Impact

Increase Customer Engagement

A self-directed financial plan allows your customers to identify and communicate what is important to them. This allows your institution to create a financial ecosystem in which your customers can find the solutions they need.

Improve Client Acquisition

Young people are looking for a bank that can speak their language. Our product serves as an incredible lead-generation tool for prospective new customers seeking financial guidance.

Maximize Lifetime Value

Reduce customer churn by becoming their go-to money management destination. Increase the profitability of each customer by integrating your institution's product and service offerings into their financial plan.

Graphical representation of a financial planning application on a mobile device.

The Customer Experience


User Data Input

Your customers will walk through a workflow to identify every major component of their financial plan. This will include:

  • Defining their income and expenses.

  • Laying out their assets and liabilities.

  • Understanding their comfort level with investment risk.

  • Identifying the timelines and costs of their major financial goals.

A form for a user to enter their varying income sources and project them over time.


Assess the Current Plan 

A financial planning tool showing a user's financial goals, assets, income, expenses, and a projection of their plan.

Once they've defined their financial situation, they'll be led to an overview of their current financial plan. This will give them insights into their plan including:

  • A synopsis of the input data they've entered.

  • The likelihood of success for each of their financial goals.

  • Their planned savings towards each goal. ​​

  • The values of their different accounts over the life of their plan.


Find the Ideal Plan

Having gained a deeper understanding of their financial picture, your customers will be able to quickly and easily adjust their financial plan with the help of auto-generated suggestions. These may include:

  • Debt management strategies.

  • Goal cost and timing.

  • Assumed investment risk and return.

  • Savings location by account type.


About PYLO

Our Story

PYLO (short for Plan Your Life Out) was founded in 2023 by a team of experts in finance and technology. Our goal is simple, to democratize financial planning. By partnering with financial institutions, we are empowering people to make more informed decisions to improve their overall financial wellness.

Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone will have access to unbiased guidance regardless of their financial circumstances or level of education. We believe that by providing a powerfully simple service, we can change lives. Now people can design their ideal future as well as the plan to achieve it.

Our Technology

PYLO's platform is built with the latest technology to provide a fast, safe, and reliable experience. We implement an industry-leading design to deliver a personalized financial planning experience to every user. Our innovative approach includes widely accepted methodologies such as Monte Carlo simulations. 

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